Northern Colorado's leading public safety training and equipment company specializing in concealed carry ccw training and tactical pistol and rifle.Custom supplier for the best possible tactical and public safety equipment available on the market today. We sell products from Hi-Viz shooting systems and Blackhawk products group.Dedicated to providing unsurpassed solutions for your security and safety needs. Including firearms training, conceal carry training, Site Assessment and Consulting, Physical Security for Home or Business, Electronic Surveillance and Detection, Security Design and Planning, Dignitary Protection, Church Security PlansNorthern Colorado's leading public safety training and equipment company. We specialize in concealed carry (CCW) training, tactical pistol and rifle, and general firearms and handgun training.Contact Makhaira Group for more information on weapons training, consulting services, or firearms equipment ordering.



No one can deny that our world is changing - rapidly.  Evil is here, real and if not confronted, will only advance. Each day we are forced to think about much more than just locking our doors.


From home invasion to church and school shootings, from criminal elements to terrorism in the homeland, or from "random violence" from a culture that has no value for life, we all face the decision to either take a stand, or naively hope it doesn't happen to us.


Makhaira Group (pronounced "ma-kai-ra") is an assembly of experienced professionals dedicated to equipping and training law-abiding citizens, law enforcement officers and military operators with the latest in cutting-edge training.


In addition to security consulting and physical protection assessment, we provide training in all areas of defense including both firearms and less-lethal training. 


As a mobile training company, we hold regular classes in Colorado, the entire Rocky Mountain region, and across the country.  From the board room to your living room, we serve the citizens of Fort Collins, Greeley, Loveland, Cheyenne, Denver, Colorado Springs, the Western Slope and the entire country.


If you are looking for the best possible instruction and information at a price that won't break the organizational or personal budget, Makhaira Group is here to serve you.


It is our mission and passion to help you protect yourself and your loved ones as well as take your personal and professional skills and knowledge to the next level.



The 2015 Training Calendar has been released.


All classes on sale until December 24!


Alumni - Use your Alumni Discount and receive a $25 retail credit for each registration.


Registration for a particular course opens 4 months prior to course date.


Courses open for registration:



FULL 6 - Force on Force Scenario Training


9 - Compact Flashlight Defense


13 - Tactical Pistol Level 1


January 2015

10 - Women's CCW/Basic Pistol


13 - Personal and Family Safety


17 - Counter Child Abduction


17 - Tactical Pistol Level 1



3 - Compact Flashlight Defense


7 - Tactical Rifle Level 1


21 - Couples Tactical Pistol Level 1


28 - Tactical Pistol Level 2



10 - Personal and Family Safety


14 - Low Light Pistol Operator


21 - CCW/Basic Pistol


28 - Tactical Pistol Level 1



4 - Women's Defensive Pistol 1


7 - Compact Flashlight Defense


11 - Force on Force Scenario Training


18 - Tactical Rifle Level 1


25 - Tactical Pistol Level 2




For a complete list of courses and details, please consult the Training Page.


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